domenica 23 agosto 2015


AA/VV warfaring strangers: darkscorch canticles (Numero Group, 2014) FLYING SAUCER ATTACK instrumentals 2015 (Domino, 2015) ARMCHAIR TRAVELLER schone aussicht (Staubgold, 2010) GIVE UP THE GHOST we're down til we're underground (Equal Vision, 2003) LINDA PERHACS the soul of all natural things (Asthmatic Kitty, 2014) ENRICO RAVA pupa o crisalide (RCA, 1975) BARK! contraption (Psi, 2007) PAUL METZGER tombeaux (Nero's Neptune, 2013) THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS plutonium blonde (ROIR, 2008) PRODIGY the day is my enemy (Take Me To The Hospital, 2015)

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